2 months old cute puppies

Cupid, Chance & Cammie are now two months old. They are about finding their sweet homes though I am not quiet sure that if I can handle .....always makes me so sad and worried too much before their departure. One potential owner who lives in Ensenada....mmmm I really hope all of puppies live in SD or L.A. OMG! I wish I could keep them all.


Puppies had the first vaccine today. As I knowing it is little late but I had to work last week and I can monitor all of them today. Chance: Chocolate & Tan boy weights 3.25 lb Cammie: Red/Goldish/cream girl weights 2.75 lb Cupid: Black & Cream? girl weights 2.75 lb Chance was not too happy to be away from his mom so he had some moment.... all three did great and they were so spoiled at vet office. Normally as soon as their vaccine is done they come out but it tool at lot longer to see him....I know vet techs took some pics of them. Somehow all of puppies get alot of attentions from them. Yes they are super duper cute that's why! LOL


Today's puppies

Those cute puppies are available.  Cinnamon's last litter.  If interested, please email or leave a comments.  Thank you.